About Denise

Denise Posnak Gaffney, founder of MyBOD™ Wellness, has been teaching Pilates and private fitness for over 15 years.  She is a certified Romana's Pilates teacher, holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is certified in pre and post-natal Pilates.

She believes that when you are centered, aligned, strong and supple, your life expands. Denise embraces a mind/body connection that opens you to new levels of awareness and flexibility. Every BODY can benefit.

Whether you're new to exercise or a professional athlete, giving yourself the gift of personal instruction (in the studio, in your home or online) creates the possibility for exponential growth.  Denise's sessions are focused, yet fun, demanding and restorative.  Efficiency is at the core:  it's about your body AND it's about your time.  

In addition to teaching online, Denise offers in-person studio sessions in NYC (upper west side).  She also offers business consultation sessions for personal trainers and Pilates and yoga instructors who want to create their online programs.  She is the creator of Pilates For Fourth Trimester Moms, a 10-video series for moms who want to safely and effectively get their core back after birth.


What people are saying about Denise:

I was struggling in what seemed to be a too-long recovery from total knee replacement surgery. I wasn’t exercising, as everything I tried seemed to make my knee and everything else hurt more.

I’m fortunate to have Denise Posnak Gaffney as a neighbor; after speaking to her about Pilates, which I had never done before, I started working with her.

I can’t say enough laudatory things about Denise. I’m feeling so much better, moving more and getting comments that I look taller and more slender. The amazing thing about Denise is that she is so careful, thoughtful and creative—she doesn’t have me do anything without thinking about it first. She starts each session asking about how I feel and if anything is bothering me; she continues to do that throughout each workout.

I hurt my lower back exercising on my own before a weekend and wondered whether my Monday workout with Denise would be shortened or restricted. To the contrary, I had a total workout, with Denise modifying each move depending on how it impacted my back. At the end of the session, my back felt almost normal, after three days of stiffness and pain.

I’m in awe of Denise’s  skills,  patience, flexibility, creativity and knowledge. I would work out with Denise every day if I could and recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape with an instructor who customizes every move of every workout. BTW, she’s sweet and smart and fun to spend time with.

Gayle, New York, NY

I loved my studio sessions with Denise on the Reformer and Cadillac and decided to try Skype lessons while traveling to maintain my progress. I was a bit skeptical as to how valuable these sessions would be, communicating on laptop screen and having only limited props available. What I happily discovered was our Skype sessions gave me the same kind of deep and rewarding workout as I experienced in the studio. Denise brings an identical level of attentiveness to our online sessions, suggesting corrections and ways to move deeper into each movement. The result was I not only maintained the progress we made in the studio, but was able to build on it as well.

Jennifer, New York, NY

'Only one session a week with Denise makes a HUGE difference in the way my clothes fit and my body feels! Her hawk-eye attention to form means I get twice the workout (and faster results) in only ONE session a week! No going back!'

Amy, Athens, GA