Consulting with Denise

Consulting Services for Pilates/Yoga/Fitness Instructors

Denise Posnak Gaffney offers consulting sessions for Pilates instructors, yoga instructors and personal trainers seeking to take their services online. Topics covered:

- How to decide which tech platform is best for your clients

- How to troubleshoot tech issues with clients

- How to teach 'hands-on' by using verbal cues and images

- How to create a personal experience that feels like you're in the same room

- How to handle payment for online sessions

- How to create policies for online services (i.e. what to do when you are unable to connect, who is responsible for connection issues, etc)

- How to create a safe session

- How to set-up in home for an online session (clients and teachers)

To schedule your 1 hour consulting session, email Denise at or reach out by phone: 760-415-6543