How does it work?

When you meet with your MyBOD™ Wellness instructor online, your session will be paced according to your level. Using vocal cues, demonstrations and personal feedback, your instructor will ensure that you are working both safely and effectively.

How are the instructors chosen?

MyBOD™ instructors are selected with the utmost care. They hold stong educational backgrounds, use a holistic approach, and have been certified through quality training programs. MyBOD™ instructors have worked with all levels and types of students from teens to the elderly and value injury prevention first.

How will the MyBOD™ instructor know my level?

When you meet with your MyBOD™ instructor, you will be able to discuss your level/background, concerns and personal goals. Each MyBOD™ instructor offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation during which you can ask questions and decide whether his/her style is right for you.

Can I give feedback about my instructor?

Yes! Once you complete your first session, you will have access to our review page where you are invited to tell us about your experience.  We take your comments very seriously and use them to constantly improve our program.

Why is this better than taking a live streaming class?

MyBOD™ Wellness sessions are interactive and personal. Unlike a video or a live streaming class, your MyBOD™ instructor will pay close attention to your form, pace the session for you and demonstrate for your specific needs. Because you won't have to crane your neck to view the online instructor (vocal cues take you through most of your workout), you'll have a more relaxed, effective and grounded experience.  

Can I share sessions with my family or friends?

Absolutely! Invite your friends over to host a class (and share the cost). Log in with a friend or family member (mom?) who lives across the country through shared video calls on Google+. Hold a Friday evening family yoga class in your living room!

When I get home, I just want to relax. Can you work with me in my office?

You choose where and when to have your session. As long as you have a computer with a webcam, a mic and an internet connection, you can enjoy a personalized workout with your MyBOD™ instructor.

What if my session is interrupted by a computer freeze?

MyBOD™ offers a 'piggy bank' of minutes you can use later. If the computer freezes and you lose five minutes of your session that can't be made up, you can use it at another time.

What if I'm totally out of shape? Or if I've never done Pilates or yoga before?

All MyBOD™ instructors are comfortable working with beginners. Every body is welcome. It’s not about how far you’ve come, but how far you will go!

I don't think I can afford private instruction. Do you have options for me?

You are welcome to share your sessions with whomever you like – either through additional screen log-ins or having friends come to your location with you. You can even host a weekly yoga class in your living room for the neighbors!

The real question is, what are you getting for the cost of a MyBOD™ session? You are earning your time back. The time it would take to go to the gym or studio, get ready and wait for a class to start. Also, because your instructor is there to ensure you are working safely and to motivate you, your workout is a more concentrated experience and you don't have to worry about getting injured.

Do I need a webcam and a special system for my computer?

You need an internet connection, a webcam and microphone (built into many laptops), and the system requirements to run Google+ or Skype. Learn how to set up Skype or Google+ on your computer here.