How Does it Work?

MyBOD Wellness offers LIVE online personal and small group Pilates instruction.

For more about our online program, watch below:

We meet you wherever you are, whenever. Break a sweat on your lunch break. Perfect your roll up before the kids wake up. Strengthen your abs while dinner is in the oven. 

Work one-on-one with your MyBOD™ instructor online and find yourself more focused, working harder and smarter and seeing results faster than you would through a video or in a gym.

It's about your body AND it's about your time. With MyBOD™, 45 minutes of working out is exactly that.  No sitting in traffic or on the subway, no rearranging your schedule to fit in a class or spending extra time away from home.  

MyBOD™ is built for YOUR life – there’s nothing routine about it!

The practice is effective. The schedule is convenient. The approach is holistic. 

For instructions on how to prepare for your session, check out the Quick Start Guide.