MyBOD Testimonials

'Being able to do Pilates with my MyBOD™ instructor gives me no excuses in the morning not to work out. It is so easy... no traffic, no lines for classes, just a mat in my living room.  My instructor does a great job explaining the exercises even though she is not in the room with me.  She makes working out fun and completely accessible. I love my weekly sessions and the expert instruction that is supportive, encouraging and fun!'

-Kelley, 36, Founder, Leading By Example Teen Coaching Program, Los Angeles, CA

'Only one session a week with Denise makes a HUGE difference in the way my clothes fit and my body feels! Her hawk-eye attention to form means I get twice the workout (and faster results) in only ONE session a week! No going back!'

-Amy, 42, Freelance Writer, Editor and Speaker, Athens, GA

'All of my previous Pilates experience was based around the studio environment so I was pretty skeptical of taking lessons via the internet. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness MyBOD™ Wellness' training approach provides! My instructor is remarkable and my fitness has reached a whole new level. I love the convenience of working out at home and creating Pilates routines between lessons. It’s a great value that’s highly recommended!'

-Mark, 62, Senior Scientist USDA, Athens, GA

'I'm so thankful that MyBOD™ came into my life at just the right time. The work we are doing is exactly what I need... I feel stronger, and more stable and centered than I have in a long time. I am operating more from my core.
I'm thankful for the thoughtfulness put into addressing my individual and unique situation.  I appreciate the straight-forward communication and professionalism, with a touch of humor and the personal. The visualizations, suggestions and instructions are invaluable. I take them with me throughout my day. I know I've just gotten started, but I can see and feel the difference already.'

-Alice, 56, Graphic Designer and Ceremony Officiant, Brooklyn, NY

'Working with my MyBOD™ instructor while I'm in my hotel room or living room has been a blessing. There are so many times when I can't get to a class or session and to have the ability to Skype or Google+ into a private coaching session and get a tailored workshop has been wonderful. I feel like my instructor has traveled with me all over the world. Having the ability to log into my computer and have a workout with my instructor halfway across the world is amazing. Thank you MyBOD™ Wellness!'

-Maurise, 34, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

I have MS and have been using a wheelchair for many years. Through my instructor's knowledge of the human body and understanding of my body's unique needs, I am becoming stronger and more balanced. Her personalized service is great and I don't have to leave home. 

-Leila, 58, Yoga teacher, Sparkill, NY

Your online concept is life changing for us! My sister and I LOVE our instructor- she is amazing and we love our early morning class!! 

-Kristen, 33, Hotel Executive, Boston, MA

I went to a Pilates class at a local studio and it was nothing compared to your online classes. You are much much more "hands on" through the screen - how ironic is that?!

-Annette, 38, Musician, New York, NY

I loved my studio sessions with Denise on the Reformer and Cadillac and decided to try Skype lessons while traveling to maintain my progress. I was a bit skeptical as to how valuable these sessions would be, communicating on laptop screen and having only limited props available. What I happily discovered was our Skype sessions gave me the same kind of deep and rewarding workout as I experienced in the studio. Denise brings an identical level of attentiveness to our online sessions, suggesting corrections and ways to move deeper into each movement. The result was I not only maintained the progress we made in the studio, but was able to build on it as well.

-Jennifer, 42, Therapist, New York, NY