DENISE POSNAK GAFFNEY (Founder and Master Pilates Teacher) offers a focused, fun, dynamic and restorative session. Influenced by her dance background, her classical Pilates training and her study of yoga and other mind/body techniques, Denise's teaching style will motivate you to find and maintain a strong connection to your best self. Read more here.

STELLA (Pilates) focuses on proper form and fully-integrated core strength for a functional, yet fun movement experience. Read more here.

KATHRYN (Pilates) gives an energetic, alignment-focused session that gets your heart rate up while keeping you safe. Certified in the Tupler technique for diastisis rehabilitation, she specializes in post-natal Pilates. Read more here.


AMBER (Pilates) is passionate about helping clients engage, trust, and grow in the safe, effective workout that Pilates provides through a dynamic reinforcement of flow and detailed breakdown of exercises.  She the cover model for Women's Health Magazine and Brooke Siler's Women's Health Big Book of Pilates.  Read more here.

EMILIE (Pilates) gives an efficient Pilates workout focused on precision and pace. Because of her personal experience with injury and recovery, she understands how to work with physical limitations and empowers her clients to feel strong in body and mind.  Read more here.

SARAH (Yoga/Pilates) believes in cultivating an attitude of lightheartedness and openness on the mat. She teaches you to balance effort and ease in every movement, encouraging you to find your fullest expression of body and mind. Read more here.

DULAK PILATES CENTER (Classical Pilates) instructors are trained in the classical method, give a precise and powerful workout and are mentored by Janice Dulak, Romana's Pilates® Master and author of Pilates For DressageRead more here.